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Why become a Swimming Teacher?

Teaching people to swim is a fulfilling and rewarding career path. You are teaching people a lifesaving skill which they will have forever! There are so many reasons being a swim teacher is a fantastic career path for anyone. The benefits of becoming a Swim Australia™ Accredited Swimming Teacher are: Maccabi aquatics will reimburse you […]

Benefits of swimming

Overall Benefits Swimming is a lifesaving skill. Therefore, knowing how to swim and survive in water is fundamental.  Especially in Australia where so much time is spent around pools and at the beach in summer, ensuring children and adults are water safety is vital. There is an estimated 236,000 drowning deaths worldwide every year.   […]

Why do children need winter swim lessons?

Here are 4 reasons every child should continue swim lessons during winter…. Increased Immunity Many parents remove their children from swim lessons during winter because their child may catch a cold or flu. However, children who participate in regular swimming have increased immunity against colds and flu, not to mention better physical fitness. Further, our […]