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Overall Benefits

Swimming is a lifesaving skill. Therefore, knowing how to swim and survive in water is fundamental.  Especially in Australia where so much time is spent around pools and at the beach in summer, ensuring children and adults are water safety is vital. There is an estimated 236,000 drowning deaths worldwide every year.  

Physical benefits

Swimming is a great workout that engages the body as you move against the resistance of the water. Swimming builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. Further, swimming is a low impact sport which means you can get all the benefits that many sports offer without putting as much stress on your body and joints. Placing less stress on your body while doing physical activity will protect your body against injury now and in future. Finally, swimming assists to maintain a healthy weight, heart, and lungs, tones muscles and builds strength, as nearly all muscles are used during swimming. Swimming is also used to provide good low-impact therapy and rehab for many injuries and conditions.

Mental benefits

Swimming is a relaxing and peaceful form of exercise which alleviates stress and improves coordination, balance, posture, and flexibility. Like all exercise, swimming provides incredible psychological benefits by boosting moods, decreasing symptoms of both depression and anxiety, decreasing stress, and improving sleep and self-esteem. Coming to swim lessons also has great social benefits as it gives you or your child an opportunity to meet other people and make friends which can boost esteem and mood.