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1. New Enrolments

  • All families must join our Parent Portal to enrol in sessions. The portal allows parents/guardian to access their accounts, book make-up sessions, view swimmer’s progress and shop for swimming items – plus more.
  • Enrolments are secured once full payment of your first invoice has been received.
  • Making payment means that you acknowledge and accept the mentioned terms and conditions below.

2. Program Structure

Junior and District/Fitness Squads

Program runs on a termly cycle, with holiday programs available at an additional fee.

  • Commitment is for the full term and bookings are made for specific sessions.
  • Missed sessions can be ‘made up’ under the following conditions:
    • Make-up sessions are limited to 1 per swimmer per month.
    • Make-up sessions are not transferable to other siblings within the same family account.
    • Once a swimmer ends their enrolment with us, all remaining make-up sessions expire.
    • Notification of absence must be received a minimum of 5 hours prior to the session’s commencement.
    • Notification of absence and all make-up sessions must be booked in via the Parent Portal.
    • Make-up sessions are not guaranteed, and options may be restricted due to availability. This can include but is not limited to days, times and teachers.
    • Make-up sessions expire at the end of the current term.
    • No make-up sessions can be booked if you have outstanding fees.
    • Make-up sessions cannot be cancelled or changed once booked.
    • Make-up sessions cannot be used as credits.
    • Sessions missed during a holiday program are not eligible for make-up sessions.

Target state, Development, State and National Squads

  • These programs run continuously throughout the year.
  • Bookings are made for specific sessions.
  • Suspensions need to be agreed with the coach.

Masters and All Abilities

  • These programs run continuously throughout the year.
  • Bookings are made for specific sessions.
  • Swimmers can suspend for a minimum of a fortnight at a time, provided we are notified prior to the suspension period commencing. There is a limit of three suspensions per year.
  • Casual sessions can be booked and paid for via the portal.

Re-Enrolling for the Next Term – Junior and District/Fitness Squads

  • For squads that run on a termly cycle, you will receive an invoice via email prior to the end of the current term that will indicate the term dates, session times, and fees for the next term. If you do not wish to maintain your enrolment, we kindly ask that you withdraw from sessions using the Parent Portal or by emailing hello@maccabiaquatics.com.au.
  • If you do not withdraw from your sessions at the end of the term, your enrollment will automatically transfer to the next term and you will remain booked into your previous classes.

3. Request for Session Changes

  • You can change the day/time of your session at any stage using the Parent Portal or by emailing hello@maccabiaquatics.com.au. Whilst every effort is made to accommodate requests for change, it is dependent on the availability of vacancies, and no guarantee can be given to accommodate requests.

4. Squad Fees

Squad LevelProgram CycleFee StructureFee Rate
District/FitnessPer term plus optional holiday programFlat rate$120 per month (1-2 sessions)
JuniorPer term plus optional holiday programFlat rate$140 per month (1-3 sessions)
Target StateContinuous*Flat rate$150 per month (3-4 sessions)
DevelopmentContinuous*Flat rate$180 per month (4-5 session)
StateContinuous*Flat rate$210 per month (5-6 sessions)
National Continuous*Flat rate$230 per month (6-8 sessions)
Masters – Health & FitnessContinuous*Fee based on selected number of sessions per week
Masters – CompetitiveContinuous*Fee based on selected number of sessions per week
All AbilitiesContinuous*Price on enquiry

*For these squads, there are no pro-rata fee reductions for public holidays or religious holidays. Pro-rata fee reductions are made for extended periods of pool closure (e.g. over the Christmas/New Year period).

5. Transaction Fees

  • Visa and Mastercard payments incur a fee of 1.76%.

6. Payment Method

  • Fees are billed via direct debit (debit cards and credit cards are accepted) on a monthly basis.
  • All enrolments are required to provide full payment of fees on their first monthly invoice before a permanent session position will be allocated.
  • Swimmers automatically retain their current position unless Maccabi Aquatics is contacted and told otherwise.

7. Cancellations/Enrolment Withdrawals

  • If you wish to cancel your enrolment at any stage, you must notify us in writing via email hello@maccabiaquatics.com.au or through the Parent Portal.
  • In the case of Junior and Youth squads, a withdrawal fee of 2 weeks per swimmer will be charged for withdrawals once a term has started. No withdrawal fee is charged when notice is given before the commencement of a new term.
  • In the case of all other squads, no fee refunds are made, and the cancellation will take effect from the start of the following month.

8. Presentation of a Medical Certificate

  • Presenting a medical certificate for sessions missed without cancellation will not result in extra make-up sessions.
  • Presentation of a medical certificate will not result in a refund unless you wish to apply for an enrolment withdrawal.

9. Public Holidays

  • Sessions do not run on public holidays.
  • Please refer to our calendar on our website for all closure days.

10. Coach and Time Changes

Maccabi Aquatics aims to maintain consistency of coaching staff but may sometimes need to make changes:

  • Maccabi Aquatics reserves the right to change the coach without notice if staff are ill or end employment at Maccabi Aquatics.
  • Maccabi Aquatics cannot guarantee preferred gender of coach for a swimmer.
  • Swimmers may be re-allocated if session size is too small. In the event of this happening customers will be given sufficient notice.
  • Please refrain from talking to coaches whilst sessions are in progress. Deck supervisors are on hand to answer all your questions and queries.

11. Pool Closure

  • When situations arise that force pool closure, due to but not limited to plant malfunction, flooding, faecal or vomit incidents, sessions credits will be granted at the discretion of Maccabi Aquatics management.
  • Refunds will not be provided in such circumstances.

12. Swimming Attire

  • All swimmers are required to wear a swim cap.

13. Duty of Care

  • All swimmers under 10 years old must always be supervised by a parent/guardian whilst in the pool area.
  • If parent/guardian leaves the facility the swimmer will be removed from the sessions until the parent/guardian returns.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for placing their swimmers into our swimming teachers’ care at the commencement of each session and collecting them at the conclusion.
  • Swimmers are not permitted to be in the pool until instructed to do so.
  • Maccabi Aquatics accepts no responsibility for injury, personal property loss or damage sustained whilst on the premises, not resulting from negligence on our part.

14. Photographic and Video Images

Parents / Guardians

We welcome the capturing of your magic moments on camera or video; however, the privacy of others must be respected. The use of cameras and video cameras at this venue is conditional upon the following:

  • You must have all relevant individuals’ consent to use images.
  • It is illegal to broadcast or publish images without written consent.
  • Under no circumstances are cameras, video cameras or mobile phones to be used in change room areas.

Maccabi Aquatics

  • Upon signing up to our Parent Portal, parents/guardians are asked to give consent for Maccabi Aquatics to take photos and videos.
  • This consent allows Maccabi Aquatics to use the photos/videos for training, advertising and social media purposes or any way we deem necessary.
  • Please ensure you read the policy on the portal and check the appropriate box for permissions.

15. Health Policy

  • Please respect our precautionary health rules and refrain from sessions if you or your swimmer is suffering from illness.
  • For gastro related illnesses a make-up session cannot be booked within 7 days of notification.
  • Maccabi Aquatics reserves the right to remove a swimmer from their session if they are suspected to have a contagious illness that is communicable to staff or other swimmers.
  • Please read our separate COVID Safe policy.

16. Conduct and Pool Rules

Maccabi Aquatics reserves the right to terminate swimming sessions where a swimmer or a family member:

  • Repeatedly displays inappropriate behaviour which causes harm and/or discomfort to other Maccabi Aquatic families
  • Displays any action or behaviours that could impact on the safety or welfare of others
  • Commits an act of vandalism that causes significant damage to property
  • Uses offensive or abusive language and/or attitude to swim school staff or other families

Other Rules:

  • Behaviour of all families and swimmers must comply with displayed pool rules.
  • As well as these, all Bialik College Gringlas Sports Centre rules must be followed at all times.
  • No food is to be consumed in the pool area.
  • No glass water bottles or glass re-usable coffee cups in the pool area.
  • No running in the pool area.
  • No diving into the pool, unless supervised in the deep end by swim school staff.
  • Parents/guardians are to observe sessions from the stands, to avoid disturbing the sessions.

17. Miscellaneous

  • Swimmers and parents are not permitted in the pool before or after sessions.
  • Equipment on the pool deck is for session use only.
  • Children aged 7+ are not permitted in the opposite sex change room.
  • All unclaimed lost property will be donated to charity at the conclusion of each term.

18. Privacy Statement

  • Information collected by Maccabi Aquatics is for swim school use only, as defined by the Privacy Act 1998. This data includes your first name, last name, email address, mobile number etc.
  • Maccabi Aquatics uses your personal information to contact you regarding your enrolment and other information and/or promotions that we deem may interest you.
  • Your personal information is not used for commercial purposes.
  • Information such as medical details are required to assist in accommodating individual needs and abilities.
  • Our full Privacy Policy may be viewed on our website.

Updated: 31 August 2021