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Our Masters swimming program offers swim squads for adults and caters to swimmers across the whole spectrum of ability. Whether you wish to swim only once or twice a week for general fitness and recreation, or whether you are training seriously to compete in pool, open water or triathlon events, we have a program for you. Our coaches will support you in achieving whatever your goals are, focussing on both fitness and technique.

The Masters swimming community provides a friendly and supportive environment in which to pursue your interest in swimming. Many of the Maccabi Masters swimmers have been swimming together for decades and a strong camaraderie exists within the group, which is warmly extended to newcomers.

  • For proficient adult swimmers who are swimming for fitness and fun, and who may be planning to compete in pool or open water events.

    The program runs all year round, except for public and religious holidays and pool closures.

    Fee based on number of sessions attended per month and charged at the end of the month.

    *Payments via Visa or Mastercard incur a 1.76% fee.

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