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To become a Swim Australia Swimming Teacher, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Enrol in a Swim Australia Teacher Course Workshop in your local area.
    • You will be reimbursed for your course after working for Maccabi Aquatics for a minimum of 6 months.
  2. Once you have enrolled for a Workshop, you will be sent information about the Online theory component of the course and you can begin this before going to the Workshop. 
  3. Complete the online theory component.
  4. Complete 30 hours of on-the-job training with us at Maccabi aquatics
  5. Complete an assessment workbook comprising lesson plans, incident reports and training hours register.
  6. Conduct three lessons to at least three learners in front of a suitably accredited assessor and be marked competent.
  7. Provide evidence of a current CPR accreditation.
  8. Provide evidence of a current Working with Children Check.
  9. Be at least 15 years of age.
    • Note: you will not receive your accreditation until you have turned 16 years of age.

Once you have completed your course, you will receive complimentary ASCTA Graduate Membership and Teacher Insurance for the period of your accreditation (3 years). The holding of both will enable you to gain employment throughout Australia and Internationally.

There are also three specialist qualifications which you can get at the time of your course or later in your career:

  1. Swimming and Water Safety Teacher – this qualification allows you to teach children from 2.5 years old and to teach from non-swimmers through to stroke development swimmers.
  2. Babies and Toddlers Teacher – this qualification allows you to teach babies from 6 months through to 4 years old.
  3. Competitive Swimming Teacher – this qualification allows you to deliver basic swimming squad sessions aimed at developing technique and introducing the swimmers to competitive swimming.