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Maccabi Victoria to Launch Maccabi Aquatics,
a community partnership with Bialik College.


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Maccabi Aquatics

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Maccabi Aquatics Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is Maccabi Aquatics?

Maccabi Aquatics is a newly established swim school offering a full range of aquatics programs including: Learn-to-Swim; Junior, Senior & Masters Squads; Water Aerobics; Fitness Squads; and All Abilities classes.


2. When will Maccabi Aquatics commence operations?

Maccabi Aquatics will commence running its programs at the start of Term 4 of 2021.


3. Where will Maccabi Aquatics be based?

The swim school will operate from the pool in the Bialik College Gringlas Sports Centre in Hawthorn East. This is a high quality 25m indoor facility.


4. Who runs Maccabi Aquatics?

Maccabi Aquatics has been established as part of a long-term partnership between Maccabi and Bialik. It will be operated by Maccabi and based at the Bialik College Gringlas Sports Centre.


5. Who can participate in Maccabi Aquatics’ programs?

The Maccabi Aquatics programs are open to everyone: Bialik students and their families, Maccabi members and members of the general public.


6. Is there an affiliated swim club that I can join?

Participants in Maccabi Aquatics squads become members of the Maccabi Ajax Swimming Club and are able to compete in Swimming Victoria and Masters Swimming Victoria competitions under the banner of the club (subject to finalising registration with Swimming Victoria)


7. How can I register my interest in the Maccabi Aquatics programs?

We would love to hear from you! Please click here to register your interest, and we will then keep in touch as we get closer to launching our programs.


8. How can I register my interest in a job with Maccabi Aquatics?

Over the next few months, we will be recruiting a team of coaches and instructors who share our passion for all things aquatic. Please click here to register your interest in a job with Maccabi Aquatics.

Click here to download a copy of the official Maccabi Aquatics press release.